Theme of the Conferene

The scope of the Conference addresses to the management of family businesses, particularly the following problem areas:


  • competitiveness of family businesses
  • international issues of family business management
  • the importance of family entrepreneurship in national economies
  • conditions of family businesses functioning in Poland and the EU
  • dilemmas of succession in family businesses
  • managing a family business
  • the role of family enterprises in the economy
  • entrepreneurship in family business management
  • personnel management in family businesses
  • staffing issues
  • issues of organizational culture of family businesses
  • innovation and change management in family businesses
  • sources of financing family businesses
  • marketing in family enterprises
  • SME sector as the dominant environment for family businesses

Preference is given to articles to the form of a presentation of new or an analysis of modified solutions in the presented scope, as well as a discussion about solutions implemented in practice and case studies.